I was not sure which forum this should go in, so I'm hoping General is the best place.

What I need to ultimately do here is create a "closed caption" type of system. The flash utility will be tied into a database. The ultimate goal is that an audio file in a foreign language can be inserted and text pulled from the database. The text should "highlight" as the audio is being played..

That is the tricky part. Simply masking the text and highlighting it is simple.. but how to get the textual words to match up and highlight in time with the audio words. Does this need to be with time stamps or can I use a special character?

ie: Can Actionscript recognize time stamps as the seperator. Could I have the text in the database look like this

"[00:00]I [00:01]would [00:02]like [00:03]to [00:04]buy [00:05]a [00:06]hamburger"

Obviously this seems not to be a great idea, as you will have to get it down to the millisecond as most people don't take herky jerky enough for each word to take a full second to get out.

Keep in mind, items may be added in the future and having a developer make changes to the system everytime a file is added is not an option.