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Thread: Slideshow with Links?

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    Slideshow with Links?

    I'm looking for a tutorial of a simple way to create a slideshow that load jpgs and also corresponding URLs. So as each image fades in, it is clickable to a unique URL.

    All I can find are slideshows with no buttons/links.


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    I'm also looking for a way to achieve this.

    I imagine scripting an on Rollover event to a URL for a static image (for the duration of time when it's not fading in or out) would work but I'd like to see if anyone has a more elegant solution to this.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    I was able to get the images linkable by using an invisible button over the static state of each image. Each invisible button is coded to a URL.

    I should note that I'm not using XML to load a large number of images from a folder. My movie is much more simple than that as I'm using only 6 images in the slideshow which loops.

    Hope that helps!

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