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Thread: Rotating Earth?

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    Hello there!

    I have a problem.
    Im making a banner, and i need a rotating earth in the middle. I have Swift 3D and 3D Studio MAX.
    I made the rotating earth with the earth map in MAX, and saved the file as .3ds, but the earth texture wouldent come in to swift 3d.
    How can i do this?

    Torbjørn Iversen

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    The Matrix has you
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    Banners are relatively restriced in size, so you want a lightweight globe that looks good at relatively small sizes. Pope once offered to give away the globe animation used on his site,


    It's very lightweight and looks very good at the size you would probably use in a banner. Might want to take him up on that past offer.

    Another way to create a simple, lightweight globe is to use a circular mask on top of a movie clip that moves an image of the continents from left to right (or at an angle if you prefer). Set the clip to repeat. If properly done, this produces the illusion of a rotating earth. This technique does not require MAX or Swift and has been implemented by numerous people.

    I think Vince did a globe with Adobe Dimensions, so there you have the kings of the globe Sorry, too much coffee.

    good luck!

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    resolved Thanx

    Thank you MatriX.
    I will ask Pope about the globe.
    As for the other option, i tried it, and i didnt like it that much. There is nothing that beats real 3D, although some of the "psudo" 3d effects are very good!

    Once again thank you!

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    I do not have any 3d development tools for flash yet, but I have created a few globes. I think that they are kewl. I have created one that had sort of a glass effect. Like matrix said, you can use masking to produce all kinds of effects. I think i saw somewhere in the movies section here at FK a very nice looking globe. I am away from home this weekend, but when i get back I will see if I can help you with the globe you are trying to make.

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    Thank you very much opieNC!

    You can mail me on this adress



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    been a busy week...

    I got back from my weekend trip and had exams this week...ARGHHHHHH! I need to know what color you want the globe to be. I can send you it in any color, but I figured it would give me something to do =). GL with the banner!

    Glad to help

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    Smile It is made...

    I made the globe pretty quickly. I made it purple, but it can be changed in a jiffy by anyone. I uploaded the swf and fla. The swf is at the following url http://opied.clanpages.com/earth.swf I do not know if this will work, but i will try and let ya see it in this message.. here goes nothing.. [swf height="80" width="80"]http://opied.clanpages.com/earth.swf[/swf] the fla file can be found at http://opied.clanpages.com/earth.zip GL

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    If you want my globe just email me at pope@flashkit.com and I will email it to you. You can check it out at http://www.planetjesus.net/swiftgallery or just http://www.planetjesus.net
    You can change the colors of mine by just using the tint contol. Regards, Bill

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