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Thread: Copy and Pasted Text Link Hell

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    Copy and Pasted Text Link Hell

    So I have to copy and paste text boxes to save myself hours of typsetting.
    Problem is..when I do this and amend the copied text..it also amends the source. How can one stop this happening?

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    did you rename the textbox names?
    are you using an external text source?
    use the link above if you download league of legends.

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    Probably the text box is in a symbol that is copied many times.

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    Are you editing a movieClip that is in the library? If you have 10 copies of the same movieClip on the stage, and you edit anyone of them, you are actually editing the library moveClip, so they will all change. If this is what is happening, you can fix your problem by making several copies of the clip in the library. From within the library, click on the clip, and choose copy. You will have to make new copies for each one you want to be different. The more copies you use, the larger your file size will be.

    If it's only the text you need to make different in each movie, you can make the text box dynamic and give it a variable name. Then from the timeline where the clips are placed refer to the clips instance names to define the dynamic text box contents..

    //where there is a movieClip in the library with a dynamic text box called "myTxt"
    //where there are three copies of the same clip with instance names myClip1, myClip2, and myClip3
    myClip1.myTxt = "1234";
    myClip2.myTxt = "ABCD";
    myClip3.myTxt = "<<>>";

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