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Thread: [F8] How do I transition between these movieclips OnRelease? (sample FLA included)

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    [F8] How do I transition between these movieclips OnRelease? (sample FLA included)

    Hi Folks!

    I have a Flash movie containing three Movieclips and three Buttons, one for each clip. As you might imagine, when you click on each button, it unloads the previous clip and plays the new selected movie clip in the centre of the page. See the following FLA file I created (with assistance from Flash built in help):


    What I would like to be able to do is make it so that each movieclip transitions into the next one a little nicer when the button is clicked. To be more precise; on the click of a button I would like a black-square to slide down over the currently playing movieclip and when it slides back up to the top again, it reveals the new movieclip playing underneath.


    I have tried two approaches.
    1) The button feeds the appropriate data into the variables in frame1 of the main timeline (on button release). The black-square then slides down in the main movie timeline. At the point where it is totally covering the current movieclip it populates the new attachmovie data and in theory, should be playing the new clip as the black-square returns to the top. See the FLA file below to see what I mean:

    2) The main timeline is only one frame long and on button release, a movieclip of the black-square is played over the top of the currently playing movieclip. The black-square movie clip, as with the approach above, has the new clip populated at the same halfway-point and it's covering the movie below it.

    I couldn't get either to work!!

    Can somebody show me how to do this? Or otherwise, tell me the best approach to take (not necessarily one of the two approaches above!). Any help is very much appreciated!!!


    csjacks (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

    PS: I searched these forums and found a couple of fadein/out transition queries, but nothing explaining exactly what I'm after. If I missed one, let me know!
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    take a look at this.. this is exactly what you're looking for...

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