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Thread: Pre-newbie: what to start with...

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    Pre-newbie: what to start with...


    I'm on a Mac, and I have an old copy of Flash 4 I haven't ever really learned to use. Interested only in making cartoons, not games or interactive websites.
    (And my Mac will still run stuff in Os 9, though I prefer not to.)

    But I wonder if it's worth learning on such an old piece of software--have the newer versions made major improvements in ease of use, or anything?

    Not having much cash, I've been looking on Ebay for newer versions, and what I see is really confusing. I'm aware of the price differences between academic and commercial versions, but I've seen 'full versions' of Flash 8 sell for $85 with hardly any bids....and copies of Flash 5 over a hundred and with no slow-down in the bidding apparent. Flash MX also seems to sell higher than Flash 8, which leads me to wonder: is there a particular version of Flash that's better than later ones? Is there something I'm unaware of that I should know before I blow the money I can't afford? (I'm a Corel Painter user, and I know there have been upgrades occasionally which were considered worse than the older version...IX is excellent, if you're wondering. )

    Is there any REALLY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between the current version of Flash and Version 4?

    Anyway, what would you do?
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    Flash 8 is the latest regular flash version. $85 is too good to be true. Don't fall for it.

    If you want to do nothing but cartoons, I'd get Flash MX at least. The draw tools and the scripts you can use are way ahead of version 4, even twice as many actions as 5. In fact, swf's made with version 4 may not play right on the latest flashplayers.

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    I gotta be honest with ya, I learned on 5, so I don't know what Flash was like before. I can tell you that I like 8 much better because of the things it can do with video now, but as far as just making animations, I would be suprised if all that much if anything has changed. Macromedia (or I guess adobe now) allows you to download a free 30 day trial. Check it out before you decide.

    As far as ebay, I looked at flash and ordered the list highest priced and I didn't see any 8 software for under $250. The only thing I can think of that you were talking about is that it is pirated, or simply training roms with deceptive descriptions.

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    Thanks, guys, that's helpful.

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    I started with flash 3....ROCK ON FLASH 3!!!!!


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