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Thread: [F8] Weird Bug...

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    [F8] Weird Bug...


    I've recently encountered a weird "bug" in flash 8 that's really pissing me off.

    In frame 1 in my timeline, I have my hero. I applied an inner-drop shadow to my hero, and I did likewise for my hero in frame 2. Now in frame 2, Flash Player 8 isn't displaying the inner-drop shadow I applied to my frame 2 hero. As a matter of fact, FP8 isn't displaying any effect I apply to my hero on frame 2.

    This is really bugging me...

    Have any of you guys seen this happen?
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    does the 2nd frame have its won key or does it continue from the first frame?

    I suppose your so called hero is actually a movieClip with an instance name,- with attached effect (not scripted)? Could be that in the 2nd frame the previous movieClip instance is replaced by a new one (new keyframe) and thus the attached effects dont hold anymore since this new MovieClip in the timeline has its own settings.

    If this all applies (who knows 8) )
    you could try putting booth frames into 1 movieClip and apply onto that MovieClip your shadow effect.
    If I am wrong attach the FLA file,- so that we can have a look at it

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    are you sure you are publishing it in flash 8 ver? Id check that as sometimes you may not relize you have changed it.

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