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Thread: custom anti-alias and performance

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    custom anti-alias and performance

    I am using custom anti aliasing on my dynamic text and it makes the text look great! However, I am wondering about performance issues. I can;t tell whether it has slowed my website down, or if that is just the server I am runnning off of (it is a video heavy site). I have read places where anti-alias text in flash 8 only makes swf size larger, but can actuallly increase performance. But I can find nothing concrete on this issue.

    Does anybody know whether or not using custom anti-aliasing will slow down a site or not?
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    You can test it by yourself by altering the text and testing on the server. I have so far not heard anything about that, but that does not mean it could not slow performance. However, usually performance is slowed down by actions like tween and not by something static.
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