Ok, i have a bit of a conceptual problem. So please bare with me.

I have an image, that when scrolled over, it displays 25 thumbnails occupying the space of that image. So to recap, when you roll the mouse over this image, another moveiclip is set to be at a childindex infront of the image movieclip. And inside that "thumbnail clip" there is 25 image (movieclips) thumbnails.

Now i ran into the problem that i didn't think of to begin with. When you roll your mouse over (we'll call it "mcImage1", that is, the fullsize image) "mcImage1", swaps its child index with that of the thumbnails movieclip (now known as "mcThumbs"). And i wanted to simply add an event to mcThumbs that was dispatched whenever the mouse left its area, and that would swap mcThumb's child index with mcImage1's child index. However this does not work. The problem is, there is 25 images that occupy 100% of the space "mcThumbs" has, and therefor, no event is triggered from any mouse action.

Now i see a couple quick ways to fix this, but they seem costly. The most obvious being, have each of the 25 images dispatch events for when a mouse enters and exits them, so that you could check, if the mouse leaves "mcThumbs" but it is over a thumbnail, don't swap indexes.

That leads me to wonder though, is listening for 25 events costly on CPU/Ram? Or if the user whips his mouse around, he could in theory trigger 50+ (2 per image, and with a couple swipes of the mouse they can add up) dispatched events. This seems very costly to me..

The only thing i can think of is one form or another of making each of the 25 thumbnails let something know the mouse is over them. Because of i put a movieclip over them (say the size of all 25 of them for just 1 event needed), then they won't have any mouse events because a movieclip is infront of them. And, being that they are links, not having them active is pointless.

Any thoughts?