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Thread: [F8] loadmovie - main timeline wait

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    [F8] loadmovie - main timeline wait


    I have an intro, I want to randomly loadmovie but I need to pause the main timeline while it is playing. When the loaded movie is complete then the main timeline picks up where it left off.

    I have the loaded movie being cut off because I don't have enough frames.

    Any suggestions?

    thank you much!

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    you can easily stop and start a timeline, by using stop and start. If you are loading a movie (e.g. flv file) - your frames wont matter. If you are loading an MC, make sure the mc movieclip has enough frames to play tweens and animations (the amount of frames on your main timeline should not affect how many play in your mc). I hope I gathered what you're after or have offered something in the way of a solution. Good luck with your project.

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    One way I've figured out...that might work...is I tell the main timeline to stop() and then frame action loads the movie. I have a keyframe at the end of the loaded movie that tells the _root (main) timeline to play().

    I just thought there would be something more elegant than that.

    Thanks for your help.

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