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Thread: Script for Drop Down Menu

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    Script for Drop Down Menu

    I've created a movie clip for a drop down menu for my navigation.

    It's basically an opening and closing shape tween onRelease. But my menus aren't opening and closing. That's all I'm trying to fix right now.

    The book I'm using Foundation Flash 8, has me putting the following script on my main timeline on a layer "Actions", Frame 1. This script points back to frame labels I've created for opening and closing on my subMenu movie clip.
    Here's for one button:
    btnHornet.onRelease = function() {
    ToOpen = "open hornet";
    if (userHasClicked == true) {
    } else {
    userHasClicked = true;

    I have this on my close frame on my subMenu movie clip:

    I can't figure it out, and better solutions?

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    your problem could be that you have spaces in your frame label - "open hornet"
    this is a big no-no in Flash, so change the frame label to - "open_hornet"

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    Just my two cents:

    If you are a professional do not re-invent the wheel, the fastest way to create flash menus or navigation is Flash Menu Factory.

    See: http://www.****************.com/

    IMHO, fiddling around with scripts, is not always the best solution when there is a tight schedule.

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