I'm working on an animation. The 'red balls' enter, breaks up and bounces around the stage. What I want to do is to have all those balls stop (when the user clicks) and move to the center of the stage. I was wondering if it was possible to do this using actionscript? The red balls are coded to move around randomly.

Here's the SWF file:
Animation SWF

So right now, when you click, the balls just stop...but I know if I enter

this._X = 400;
this._Y = 300;

in the onClipEvent (mouseUp) part of my code, all the balls will be placed in the center. So I was wondering if there a way to have the balls stop and actually have them all MOVE towards the center?

Each ball is a movie clip and I'm using this code to control all the balls:

   onClipEvent (load) {

    	speed = 25;
    	angle = random(360);
    	speedX = Math.cos(angle*Math.PI/180)*speed;
    	speedY = Math.sin(angle*Math.PI/180)*speed;


    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
        this._X += speedX;
    	this._y += speedY;

    	if (this._X>=760) {
    		speedX = -speedX;

    	} else if (this._X<=15) {
    		speedX = -speedX;

    	} if (this._Y>=560) {
    		speedY = -speedY;

    	} else if (this._Y<=15) {
    		speedY = -speedY;



    onClipEvent (mouseUp) {

    	speed = 0; 
    	angle = 0; 
    	speedX = 0;
    	speedY = 0;


Hope I explained my problem clearly!