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Thread: Link-problems

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    I'm no newbie when it comes to flash, but neither no expert. But i believe this question is a newbie-question, so i hope someone here knows the solution for this tiny, but extremely irritating problem.

    I've created a menu in flash. I got 5 links. On my webpage i'm using iframes, and 4 of my links are target to this iframe(which is called main). So these for link has uses this code: target="main". But with the 5th and last link, I want it to open in a blank new window.So in the actionscript section i wrote target="_blank". This 5th link is a link to a seperately guestbook, so I've wrote the url: http://www.etc...But here's my problem:

    The 5th and last link (which is called guestbook) will not open. I doesn't work! I then tried to change the target to "main", but when I do that, and try it out, the 4 other links won't work. So either way, one or several links won't work. My question is then; Does targeting to an iFrame affects links thats targeting to _blank? Cause when i'm trying all links in Flash (by pressing Ctrl+Enter) all the links are working correctly. The 4 links opens in main-frame and the guestbook opens in a new blank window. But when in Internet Explorer or other browsers, it won't work.

    I hope the explanation were good enough. Really don't know how to explain it different. But i'm hoping someone here can give me an answer...

    By the way, I'm using Flash 8...

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    Hi, can youy post a live link so we can see/test the error ourselves.. as well as post the .fla for us to take a look at? could be a simple overlook..

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    when i posted it out on the web, it worked..strange, but it did...maybe it's something wrong with my browser or something..i don't know, but it worked, so it's seems like everything is fine now. But you can check it, just to be sure, so that the same thing is happening when you're trying.


    The menu is in the middle, under the logo, and it is the guestbook(gjestebok) which shall open in a new window. The others are supposed to open in the iframe at the right(called main)..

    give me a notice on how it goes!

    And many thanks for "the help" anyway!

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