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Thread: [RESOLVED] forcing swf download on page entry

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    [RESOLVED] forcing swf download on page entry


    What happens....
    when a user visits the site forthe first time the swf will load into the html page after being downloaded to the temp. internet files dir on the visitors comp. so everything works.

    well now...
    lets say that the visitor comes back to the site several days later...
    What happens now is that when accessing the site the swf. from the temp dir will be loaded again instead of a fresh copy from the site server.

    this is verry inconvienient when the site has a high change rate... couse the swf. isn't refreshed the visiter could be presented old and obsolete content.

    my question... how to force the visitors browser to download the swf. everytime he/she visits.? Is this possible, or is there a way to get the swf deleted when the user leaves the site.

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    that does the trick.....

    thanx again....

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