Working on a project wich has to be online by december 1st. i took the liberty to copy/past some actionscript example from the flash samples dit on my workstation... (it works great.. see at: http://www.476produtcties.nl/PG2007/Index.asp (p.s. external links dont work)

Since the script im using is ment to generate a XML menu with external URL links i need to change it.
What i want is this.
1. use textfiles for the content which need to be loaded when a user klicks te menubutton accordingly. (the text files and xml are not the problem here)
2. make a animated contentfield which fades into visability and then(after fading) loads/shows the text.
3. realise 1 and 2 by using/changing the same script i use for generating the menu.

Since my entire project will be to large for FK upload i will send it by email, on request.