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Thread: [F8] In desperat need of help on script for Product Guide

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    [F8] In desperat need of help on script for Product Guide


    Im working on a project for some rentalcompany which desided to do their entire site into flash.. (great for design reasons. hell for me to create).. so far i managed to create a horisontal "2-stage" XML driven menu, (which isn't quiet finished yet) for general site navigation. right now im focusing on the content.. which should not be a real brob. see live project

    Somewhere during my design/creation timeline i have to come up with a sollution for the interactive product guide. Here my flash-skills become a problem. (as mentioned before a 2 stage menu i can produce... but thats as far as my actionscripting knowlegde stops... sort of)

    What i need is;
    1- a vertical "3-stage" XML driven menu(familys, Cagegories and Products(productnames as buttons)..

    2- After a user clicks a product .. the product details will show (textfile, jpg loaded into the swf)...

    3- Products can have several addons.. these also come from the xml as text values and need only to be vissible for those products who need the addons.

    (you might want to see the xmlfile to understand the last part (3-))
    see XML structure
    (it's asp.. couse connecting straight to the db by pure xml would have made me programming for weeks instead of a few lost moments...)..

    30-10-06] - plzz pplz i do need some expert help on this.
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