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Thread: [F8] Scribing a 3/4 Circle

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    [F8] Scribing a 3/4 Circle

    I want to animate the drawing of a 3/4 circle. If it were to follow the shape of a clock, I would start at 12:00 and draw around to 9:00. The effect is to scribe a line as a 3/4 circle.

    I'm having difficulty doing this with a shape tween as the shape gets twisted. Shape hints maybe the answer, but can't seem to control them, and I can't use a shape tween with a motion guide.

    Any suggestions this seems that it would be an elementary task?

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    you could use two half-circles, animate them in a circle but mask them. one half would start with a half-circle mask opposite of it while the other half would have a quarter-circle opposite of it.

    ive run into the same problem and solved it this way.
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