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Thread: tut make your flag an eye lense

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    tut make your flag an eye lense

    hi guys:

    I know that many of u know how to do it... but it is nice isn't it??

    here is a simple tut which teaches u how to make your country flag as your eye lense.....

    I got this image from here

    first of all select the place u want to color by magic or lasoo tools..
    now go to image>hue saturaion>then choose the colour u want..
    for the next step prs ctrl+d to deselect,then select the following part as told before and color it again

    I did this pic in a hurry so sorry if it is bad.... its irans flag

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    i think this is really awfull, sorry to say that.

    You lost all the depth of the image maybe change the opacity and feather the edges, i know you said you did it in a hurry but this is a bit too much.

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