Okay, this is a little difficult to explain - but I need help so I'm going to try my best.

Sometime during my last project, my buttons just stoped working with only text as the background.

For example: If I type "HI" in Times New Roman regular for the UP, Bold it for the OVER, and just make DOWN and HIT the same as OVER - it should reflect when I CTRL-ENT as a workable button even if it has no link. "HI" should change to "HI" when I roll over with my mouse... right?

Well it doesn't. The only time it does is when I hit CTRL-ALT-B to enable simple buttons. Voila, it works on my flash stage. So okay, What happens when I export the movie to SWF? It goes back to doing nothing. and by nothing I mean "HI" sits on the screen and I don't even get the finger selector when I roll over it.

I feel like somehow 1 setting is off - only I don't know which one. can anyone help me.... please???????