For my project i have an .AS file which contains all code for rmy dynamic navigation and display functions.
from here i load swf's and txt files..into the main swf.
the (loaded)swf works just fine but for some reason the textfile wont load. (i get the error msg.) you can see at: http://www.476producties.nl/PG2007

Below you can see the piece of code which is responsible for loading and displaying the text.

it might be important to know that the textfile should be loaded into the (loaded) swf.

linkMC.onRelease = function() {
					var mcListener:Object = new Object();
					mcListener.onLoadInit = function(SwfLoader_CLP:MovieClip):Void{
						var _myLV=new LoadVars();
						_myLV.onData= function(src:String):Void{
							if (src!=undefined){
							}else {
								_root.SwfLoader_CLP.Content_txt.htmlText= "Unable to load datafile.";
					var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader= new MovieClipLoader();
					mcLoader.loadClip(this.data.Clink, _root.SwfLoader_CLP);
Im playing with this piece of code for days and still can't come up with the right solution.