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Thread: [F8] timing external swf, and text load.

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    [F8] timing external swf, and text load.


    this might be a stupid question.. but got to start somewhere.

    after posting 2 earlier questions about loading textfiles into an externaly loaded swf from an .as file, on which no usefull replies came i guess im in need for a more simple solution to my problem.

    the basic is that the above does work but there is no garantee that a user gets to see the text after its loaded. (no garantee couse of a timing isue text loads to fast for the external swf.)

    my solution for now would be to first load the swf. and after a certain time (lets say 1 sec.) the textfile wil be loaded (all by actionscript)

    so my question is.
    - is it possible to time 2 events by script only?

    thanx in advance
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