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Thread: How did they do this?

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    How did they do this?

    I saw a site the other day, sorry can't remember the name.

    It appeared to be a single HTML page with a single main Flash movie that loads other swfs into it.

    But, whenever you click on a button in the interface the address of the site changes, so you can bookmark any individual page, even though it is all contained in one movie.

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    They're using something called FSCommand. This command function allows you to initiate javascript functions from your Flash Movie and communicate with the browser in general.

    Reference your manual / internal help file to learn more about fscommands. This is also a very useful introduction to FS commands.

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    I am somewhat familiar with FSCommand and using javascript functions in Flash,
    but ho do you use javascript to change the address of a page without physically loading a new page?

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