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Thread: [MX] Flash Banner like seen on rediff.com?

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    [MX] Flash Banner like seen on rediff.com?

    How to create the flash banner ad like seen on www.rediff.com
    Once the page loads the flash banner ad would play and once it has stop playing, then the banner would fit to a particular position. Again if you click on reply it would play in a maximise order and if you click on close then it would stop and fit in a give width. So i wanted to know how to make that kinda banner.

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    They are DHTML banners.

    They are designed as any other normal flash presentations.
    For example: in rediff the size of the banner is 185X100 which expands too 380X180 size.

    This is made orginally made on a stage of 380X180 with the whole animation running and then it the animation should resize to the given size of 180X100 size. The rest of the area should not have anything on the stage not even transparent buttons kying on the stage. and they place the ad on the HTMl page with background transparent tag.

    I dont remember the exact tag which is supposed to be put in the HTML but probably i can get u the tag if i get it.

    Their is no special animation etc. for all the expanding which happens in rediff!!

    I hope this clears your doubt.


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    you would use a <DIV> tag and use a z-index with a higher value so the flash animation sits ABOVE (on top) of the HTML page.

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