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Thread: [MX04] Superscript Subscript

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    [MX04] Superscript Subscript

    Hi buddies,
    As u all know very well dat we can mak any string/char which is in a static text field, to be superscript or subscript by applying from the property inpector panel.

    Is there any other way to acheive the same to a string/char which is applied to an dynamic text field... where the text for dat field is dynamic.... thru code...

    Can we acheive thru the html tag <sup> & <sub>

    Its urgent.. please any one know dat let me know

    thanx in advance

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    I want to share with you the way I get may subscript and superscript inin dynamic and input text field in Flash:
    <sub> & <sup> tags are not supported by Flash but you can
    use Subscript & Superscript in dynamic and input text field in Flash:

    Download & install Subscript & Superscript fonts from http://www.subscriptfont.com or http://www.superscriptfont.com
    You will need to restart Flash software after installed fonts.
    Create a dynamic text field with Arial font embeded. Set the HTML property to true.
    Create a dynamic text field with Subscript font embeded.
    Create a dynamic text field with Superscript font embeded.
    Use HTML tag to set text to subscript or superscript like below:
    Some text<font face="Superscript"></font>
    If you are using ActionScript to test the htmlText, use script like below:
    my_txt.htmlText = "Some text<font face='Superscript'>TM</font>";
    Data can come from a XML file, TEXT file or from flash itself.

    They are better than CG since it goes lower than the baseline and it's real subscript..

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