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Thread: Loading euro sign from external .txt file

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    Loading euro sign from external .txt file


    Having problems getting euro sign to display when loaded from external .txt
    file into dynamic text field using:

    var myLv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

    myLv.onLoad = function (success) {
    trace("not loaded");

    tried saving the test.txt file as UTF-8 no joy, also the myvar above needs to display a bunch of text with a scrollbar, peculiar things happen such as, euro sign doesn't display, or, if I embed the font used, with say Arial, text doesn't display properly, if device fonts are chosen without embed, text displayed doesn't display the euro sign, '€' the common way to code the euro in html doesn't get recognised in .txt file?



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    Post fix


    I was looking for the solution but couldn't find it anywhere. Just figured it out for those who need it (AS3):

    if (myString.charCodeAt(0) == 128) { // first character is a euro symbol
    myString = "\u20AC" + myString.substr(1, myString.length); //replace first character with euro symbol, keep rest of the String the way it is.
    myTextField.text = myString;

    This assumes the euro sign is the first character in the string (position 0), but you of course can modify the above to replace it anywhere in the string.
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