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Thread: Sticker Peel Effect

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    Sticker Peel Effect

    can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to make a movieclip look as if it's pealing off the stage? flash or after effects works.

    basically i have a logo with the company name next to it that i'd like to peel itself on and off.


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    I would look into how the flipping book and page turn/peel effect was done..mimic that masking effect on your 'logo'

    seemed to be a series of advanced masking. If you search here for flipping book or page turn, page flip ..etc you will get MANY links..some of them detail how to do this.

    If you still cant find anything..post back..and we'll see what we can find..

    good luck

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    got it, used af page turn effect thanks!

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