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Thread: Building Portfolio Site

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    Building Portfolio Site

    hello kids,

    i am trying to create a full portfolio site in flash. i have a bunch of flash movies that i have made that i want to load into my main movie. the problem is, is that all the other movies have a different frame rate than my main movie. i have tried to use setInterval to force a frame rate on the loaded clip, but because i'm using heavy AS in them it messes up the playback.

    what would be the best way to tackle this project? turn the swfs into flv files somehow? screen capture the swf files and convert to flv? is there a better way to load external swfs and maintain the original frame rate?

    this is driving my insane, please help meeee

    here's an example of what i tried:

    fastFrames = function(){
    speedyID = setInterval(fastFrames, 30);
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