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Thread: URGENT - slide presentation navigation issues

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    Unhappy URGENT - slide presentation navigation issues


    I have been building a 40 page slideshow presentation in Flash and have never used this feature berfore so am experiencing a few problems. It is for a very demanding client and now extremely urgent so any help would be most appreciated!

    1) The slideshow is navigated using buttons with behaviours on the parent page with the following actionscript:

    on (release) {
    // GoTo Next Screen behavior
    var screen = null;
    var target = this;
    while ((screen == null) && (target != undefined) && (target != null)) {
    if (target instanceof mx.screens.Screen) {
    screen = target;
    } else {
    target = target._parent;
    if (screen instanceof mx.screens.Slide) {
    // End GoTo Next Screen behavior

    This navigates ok but when flicking back and forth the slides do not play from the start or replay. I have tried various gotoAndStop commands before moving on and adding play actions to slides but can't solve it.

    2) Also the presentation has about 15 very small videos imported by progressive download onto certain slides. These are all playing over one another despite being on separate slides and timelines. These are on the stage rather than using loadMovie would this help or any other suggestions?

    3) Finally there is a resource page that links to several pdf documents which I have used an fscommand for to load in acrobat reader this works fine for us but the client cannot read them is this simply because he may not have acrobat reader or is there an underlying issue?

    A big thank you to anyone who can help!

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    Problems solved

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    Having the same issues, how do you solve it?

    Hi there, I have also started a thread asking similar questions as you are. However, I have had no luck with any of the responses I was given.

    Can you please tell me how you stopped and started your videos to play only on the slides you wanted them to play? I am having the same problem with a song snippet that needs to be played on only slide 11 but plays (not overlapping) throughout the entire slide presentation.

    Any help you can throw my way would be much appreciated.

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    nice ^ reviving a thread from 2006 :P

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    They is make the question, no mattering the age of date.
    Still someboody is can answered

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