I realise I’m new to this community, but I’d like to suggest a new sticky: an Actionscript 'proof reading' thread.

How this would work is members would post functioning code they’ve written for more experienced members to read through and suggest how it could be optimised or altered to better achieve a given task. Alternately, members could post a method they plan to use to code a particular function, and request feedback on whether there‘s a better method to use.

This proposed sticky would not deal with requests for help with working out how to code something, or code debug work. It would be exclusively for helping members find a way to optimise their code. This would be a valuable resources for new coders, such as myself, who want to not only learn how to code Actionscript, but do it efficiently and effectively.

I know there’s already a lot out there on the web on how to optimise code, but more often than not, it’s difficult to apply it to your current project and really get the best of your script. It’s also pretty difficult to understand until you’ve developed a firm understanding of Actionscript. This means you are forced to code using bad practices until you have a good enough understanding to search for ways of optimising it. This thread would provide a source of optimising techniques applicable to your current project.

Like any forum, this has the potential to be abused. You'll always get members posting "Fix this for me", expecting others to dedicate their time, free of charge, to do their own work. Such posters should be firmly reminded of the fact that these are volunteers helping them out. I don’t mean for this to aid those newbies too lazy to read Flash’s documentation, but, instead, to compliment the information found on the net and in the manual and narrow it down to what is relevant to the member’s current script.

To recap, in case I was not clear, I’m suggesting a forum where members can post their script (or ideas for a script) in order to receive feedback on whether it’s the best, or optimal, way to code something. Other members could suggest alternate methods of coding the same function, allowing the poster to build on his understanding of the code or method he’s using, and learn of its advantages and its shortfalls.

Please let me know what you think, make suggestions, or share your opinion on my idea.