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Thread: [show] Escape From Clowncatraz!

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    Please, Call Me Bob trogdor458's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
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    bleh, still seems like you can throw too hard, try a bit o' math to create less fuss
    for example:
    //max=the larger value you will expect
    //min=the smaller value you will expect
    //actualvalue=the actual value recieved
    //newvalue=god it speaks for itself!!

    the farther away the value is from the average of "min" and "max", the bigger the change will be; for example, if the "expected" range is 0-2:

    0=well actually i suppose it would be 0

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    Thanks loads for that. I can see what you both mean now. I'll try to sort it: in the meantime it's recommendable to pick up the clown and hold it before launching - but I'm sure you already figured that out yourself! :-)


    I'll try that formula out - thank you muchly! I would have struggled to come up with that myself. A lot have people have mentioned how easy it is to throw the clowns too hard, so hopefully this should sort it, whilst also teaching me a new maths trick!

    Many thanks to you both
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    No problem, glad to help, game is pretty fun now

    PS. I suggest you make it so your name only appears once on the highscores list. I said this on the shooter game thread further down the page, even posted the PHP code. Allows other people to have a chance too
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    Trainee coder Viza's Avatar
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    Very Nice work. This was the first time I've played this game so I cant comment on what it was like in the past and the updates you've made, but it currenetly seems like a very cool game.
    The sound is fantastic, however I think the game could really do with some 'clownish' music playing the background (but the game is fairly addictive so with people playing it often, they might get sick of the noise, so give them the option to mute it).
    The Graphics look great, cant complain about them, however I feel the gameplay could be polished up a bit.
    I think the game needs some powerups/special abilities (the baloon idea seemed good) and trying to succesfully throw the clowns into the van was a lot harder than what I initially thought. To make the game easier you could have levels, every level the wall gets bigger (the wall would have to start off a lot smaller)and more powerups get introduced. You could also create skinny and fat clown characters (the skinny ones get thrown further and the fat ones get thrown a smaller distance).

    Overall, good game and Goodluck
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    Aldarn: I had considered only allowing names to appear once, but I figured that people would just type modified names to get themselves on the board more than once. I do store the IP addresses of players, but I was worried about using these to discriminate as there may be more than one player using the same IP

    Thanks for your kind comments. I think you are right about the 'clownish' music - I'm onto it! Really like your ideas of levels - maybe I'll develop Clowncatraz 2 and incorporate these ideas! Thanks again.

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    To let those who were interested know, I solved the problem of the clown flying backwards out of the hand during a short, sharp throw. The problem was that I was only tracking the movement of the had once it had grasped the clown, so the solution was simply to track the hand all the time, regardless. Simple solution but tough to hunt down!

    Thanks for the continued feedback, I've found it invaluable!

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    I have now adapted the throwing velocity calculation to make for softer throws. Thanks to trogdor458 for the necessary alogrithm. I adapted it slightly because it wouldn't work with negative velocities. So I found the absolute overall velocity with pythag, softened it with the algorithm, and then applied the difference ratio back to the original individual velocities.

    Which all means it should be a lot easier to control your clowns. Feedback most welcome.


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