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Thread: apple style animation

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    apple style animation

    Ok... obviously a flash newbie... so be gentle with me.

    I have this image

    and was wondering how to animate the kids so that they appear to be moving around the words.

    sort of like the ipod commercials...

    Newbie question... how difficult is this.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hope someone can help guide me in the right direction.

    Here I GO !!!

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    not easy at all, if you don't have a video of the kids doing exactly what you want, it is a very time consuming, no big results process.

    if you do have that video or you can produce it you can do it with third party software, not directly in flash but is an easy process

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    It'll take a lot of work to make them really animate... and look like they are moving. Usually the things like the iPod commercials are video that have had the background keyed out and the people in them are given only one color. But if all you have are drawings of the kids, it'll be tough to animate them and make them look realistic.

    Good luck!

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