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Thread: problems getting the links to show

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    will i ever get it?
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    problems getting the links to show

    hi all....i have a news database that is processed to xml for reading posts. At present, i can not get Flash to read the xml links. For example, one post has this sentence, mid-paragraph:

    I posted a <a href="http://www.website.com"><b>time lapse video</b></a> of the process last week.
    when i trace the xml output, it looks fine....on stage, all the posts load, except when a link loads, it cuts off the rest of that post....so the above would just read

    I posted a
    my AS to make the text box is:
    postedNews = imageBox.createEmptyMovieClip("postedNews", 200);
    	var postedNewsTx:TextField = postedNews.createTextField("postedNewsTx", 0, 0, 0, 450, 0);
    	postedNewsTx.selectable = false;
    	postedNewsTx.autoSize = true;
    	postedNewsTx.html = true;
    	postedNewsTx.wordWrap = true;
    	postedNewsTx.multiline = true;
    	postedNewsTx.styleSheet = fmStylesSheet;
    	postedNewsTx.htmlText = "<p class='postedText'>"+newsText+"</p>";
    extra strings that may help you: xml is created from php, and i am first loading an external stylesheet to fromate the postedNewsTx box.

    any help would be great

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    will i ever get it?
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    Feb 2004
    just to add....when running a trace of that excerpt above, i get:

    i'm lost

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    Wrap that node in a CDATA tag in your XML to use native HTML. There is an example in the stickie in this forum.

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