please help buttons not loading mc....?
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Thread: please help buttons not loading mc....?

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    please help buttons not loading mc....?

    hi all!

    my index page is not loading the swf files from the buttons. can someone please take a look and assist me?

    files (index, contact) are here

    my index button script is:

    b1.onRollOver = over;
    b1.onRollOut = out;
    b1.onRelease = home;

    function over() {
    function out() {
    function home() {

    the emptyMC on my index page is instance named "emptyMC".

    thanks so much.
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    Without looking at your files, mabey this might help. (line edited below)
    _root.loadMovie("home.swf", "emptyMC");

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