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Thread: A Few Quick Questions (.flv and flash mx)

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    A Few Quick Questions (.flv and flash mx)

    5 Quick questions...

    1) Can .flv files be played in Flash MX?
    2) Is Flash MX considered version 7?
    - my understanding is that .flv files are only supported after version 7 <-- whatever that is?

    I tried to put a .wmv file I made into Flash MX (imported and put it on the stage - Flash added what it said was the necessary number of frames to play the .wmv file and I selected the option to adjust the frame rate between the movie and flash and sync them up when prompted while importing) but the movie doesn't play completely and the sound is way off - it isn't synched up with the video anymore after I get it in Flash.

    I'm just looking for a place to start really.

    3) If I have Flash MX, should I be using .Flv?

    4) My file is HUGE, how do I shrink it down and have it look decent in Flash (I use Pinacle Studio 9 - should I be using something different?)

    5) Why is the movie and its sound so out of sync after I import it into flash? How would you fix that?


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    You need to publish your flash movies as flash player 7 or higher in order to load in external FLV files. (the exception is flash player 6 will do if using flash media server)

    If i remember rightly, Flash MX published to flash player 6.
    Flash MX 2004 published to flash player 7.

    3) If you're only using the Flash MX authoring environment, there's only the ability to IMPORT a video onto the timeline of flash, if uploading to a regular server.

    4) Sorenson Squeeze is good at encoding FLVs to efficient file sizes.

    5) If sound and visuals are out of sync, ensure that the framerate you set when encoding the FLV is the same as the original source video file's framerate.

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