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Thread: Layout check

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    Layout check

    Hi I'm working ona project to design a website for a non-profit and I have come up with a layout in photoshop I was just wondering if I could get some feedback, this isn't really my speciality so don't expect anything too good. They did ask for this color scheme, wasn't sure if the main text should be black...

    thanks in advance,
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    seems nice enough.... easy to use and follow, should be a winner
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    I would down the size of the copy a bit. The copy in the nav box needs some breathing room. I assume that the half circle at the top will have the page title. If not maybe a logo. It looks like something should be there? Also, where is the logo? Gots to make a place for that. It is a good start.

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    At the moment, all your elements seem to have the same weight. You need to develope a more obvious hierarchy of information. Try using a typeface with a large family (ie. light, roman, bold etc). In that way you can start differentiating the links from the body copy.

    Also, dont have LINKS as a title. It is self explanitory.

    Another thing. Don't try too hard to 'funk' things up with boarders and drop shadows. If you think your design needs more spice, have a look at the concept and information and see what potential they offer.

    Hope that helps.

    Cheers. D

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