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Thread: Sponsoring Games

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    Sponsoring Games


    I have been reading this forum as a guest for some time now and discovered that many of you have created great games just for the fun of it.

    We at SirFunny.com are looking for game developers who want to earn some money for all there hard work. We are willing to pay x-amount of money for every game we see our logo and link in.


    Sponsor details:

    If we sponsor your game, well ask you to insert our sites logo as an intro screen and add one or more links to our site within the game. Well then feature the game on SirFunny.com and allow people to play the game. You can still submit your game to any other websites you want, as long as all copies of the game include the agreed upon SirFunny.com links and logos.

    We ask you to leave your name and a link to your website in the game as the author, so this is a great opportunity for you to make some money and also keep the recognition you deserve for the hard work you put into your game.

    We ask you to write a small description about each game we sponsor that will be displayed at SirFunny.com with a link to your website.

    You will earn extra income for every 100 plays your game receives at SirFunny.com.

    The game has to be an online game (played online).


    Thanks for your time,
    Matt St. and SirFunny.com

    P.S. PM to contact. The site is NOT online because we still need games.

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    Zombie Coder EvilKris's Avatar
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    There's a game on this forum somewhere called "The Flying Chicken'. I've heard people boast it's the best game ever made in Flash and the owner was looking for sponsorship apparently, you should check it out immediately. It'll cost you at least 5000 grand to sponsor.

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    Hype over content... Squize's Avatar
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    You're a bad man Kris


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    Truimagz.com everfornever's Avatar
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    yea I heard of another game called lost, it's this really cool rpg game someone was working on around here, but I think the dev lacked funding to finish it =(

    Might be able to work something out with him for a few games.


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    Names would be nice!! if you guys are telling the truth.

    thanks anyway!!

    Matt St

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    SaphuA SaphuA's Avatar
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    In what range of x-amount are we thinking here? You guys must have thought of a rough min and max, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaphuA
    In what range of x-amount are we thinking here? You guys must have thought of a rough min and max, right?
    Not really!

    It all depends on the game. A simple puzzle game will never be sponsored for more than $20 USD.

    So the best thing is to let us look at the game and offer a spnsorship if we like it!

    Matt st.

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    Yes we can tomsamson's Avatar
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    ok,id move the thread to the freelance forum but yeah,as some discussion started here its kinda pointless now.
    Please dont discuss the topic further on here, everyone got from where you come from and interested ones can contact you directly.

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