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    please help, i want to load a movie into my flash movie and then have the loaded movie be loacated in the exact center of my movie, must i do this manually or is there a way?

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    Hey StayAwake don't get frustrated if it takes time for people to answer you on a Saturday night.

    At any rate, help has arrived.

    Okay, what you want to do is use Load Movie into location and assign it a target as compared to a level. This is what you must do if you want to specifically position a movie that you are loading into your main swf which is larger than the loaded swf.

    Basically you want to have a dummy or filler movie clip that is blank or has a transparent item in it. JUST MAKE SURE that it is the same exact size in pixel dimensions as the movie you wish to load, otherwise the loaded swf will become distorted. Then position this movie clip wherever you want the swf to load and use the needed actions as mentioned before.

    There you go. Hope this helps.

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    ahhhh alright thanks,

    see what i was doing was just having a blank mc, and it wasnt the same size as the movie, the movie was being placed way off in the right corner when i would place my mc in the center of the stage, i havent checked it out yet, but im gunna go with ur suggestion...

    thanks bbbudddddddddddy

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    Just make sure that your filler movie clip art is positioned in the mc at 0, 0 and the same goes for your loading swf.

    That should do it. LOL.

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