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Thread: Belated Xmas gift to the board.

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    Belated Xmas gift to the board.


    I have just completed a fairly comprehensive movie that encompasses most of the parts of Flash that it is useful for a newbie to know, such as attaching clips dynamically, creating & using sound objects, using arrays & objects for storage, using the drawing API, using a collision detection script & generally the stuff needed in everyday Flash & game design.

    Unfortunately, although the file was completed in MX2004 the coding is in AS1 as I'm yet to migrate (next project.) It should all still stand up in AS2 though, obviously after applying the new versions change of syntax, if you did want to rewrite it.

    I'm sure there are a lot different & probably better ways that people will achieve what has been done here – but my aim was really to help those just starting off to get a handle on what Flash can do & how to do it.

    The code has been “lightly” commented, but should anyone require any further help with it let me know.

    Just a note on the movie – As it was really a coding exercise the graphics have suffered some what!

    Click HERE for a working version of the movie.

    The fla of the movie is too large to upload mail me @ jdwyer@jdwyer.plus.com if you would like a copy

    Any probs, questions let me know.

    As I say maybe not the last word in Flash best practises or logic but if it helps someone along the way it will be a couple of weeks well spent!

    Thanks to all the help given to me in the forum along the way to completing the movie.
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    The page wouldn't open for me, it might be because I'm using Opera.
    It sounds cool though.

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