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Thread: pull youtube movie into flash

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    Resize video before it's loaded?

    I used the code posted above and it does work well. My issue, however, is that I'm needing the video to be sized BEFORE it is loaded onto the stage. I'd rather the use not be able to see the original video before it is resized, even if it is just for a second. Is this possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaffasoft View Post
    I'm heading into the area of YouTube clips and embeding them into a forum using the ones that I collect from a youtube group I formed. It's all a bit of a learning curve and working on it slowly!

    But for my home page I want to customize it with some YouTubes in flash. I'm having the same problem with the size and scale of the clips although this code scales it, it makes the player controls scale to small as well. So I have subscribed to this thread.

    This pretty much does the same as the above code I will also add that System.security to it, this below bit works OK.

    clip_size =45;
    this.youtubeMC._xscale = this.youtubeMC._yscale = clip_size;
    this.clip_2._xscale = this.clip_2._yscale =clip_size;
    Embedding a clip into flash is only the beginning I want to be able to pull in other information from YouTube as well later such as feature clips and YouTube gallery from a group of channel etc. So it any bright sparks can come along and help with some advice in this thread that would be great.
    This works!!! THANKS!

    Except for one thing:
    I'm loading the Youtube video inside a movie.
    Then, I have a button to close that movie and go back to a previous one, which is loading in the same spot at the one that had the youtube video in it.
    It works fine, except that, if I go back and the video is still playing, the sound keeps playing...then, if I load the movie with the youtube video again, it loads again and now I have two overlapping sound tracks playing! It's a mess! Help?
    Up the Irons!!

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