Hi there.

Thanks for taking the time to reading my post. To put it simply, I am in desperate need of help with this major issue; I require a way to convert my flash file to a .mov file, or any video file at a reasonable quality. I've tried several programs ("SUPER", SWF to Video Scout) but they either don't work, or greatly compromise the quality.

My video has 360 frames, with very simple actionscripting (stop();, gotoAndPlay(), consists of a great deal of movie clips. While it is only 360 frames, the playtime extends to a little over 1000 frames i think, since some parts are stopped and an internal movie clip would play to the very end, then an internal gotoAndPlay(); command is initiated to continue the movie... I think you professionals get the picture. :P

It may be too specific of a request, but does anyone know of a reliable converter for my flash movie? And if it's free, even better. Thank you!