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Thread: [F8] My attempt at an XML score table failed horribly. Tips?

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    [F8] My attempt at an XML score table failed horribly. Tips?

    After discussing how to make a high score table with other methods, you guys kept on referring me to use XML to do it. So, I took some time and looked at using XML in Flash.

    • I am able to create an XML object with all the elements that I want in it somewhat properly, using things like appendChild() and createElement().
      So, I had the necessary tools to make simple tags such as <name> and <score> and whatever I needed.
    • I am able to find values in my Nodes with relative ease, and display the information that I want in Flash.
    • I traced my XML Object and see that it was in fact exactly how I wanted it.
    • Through the help pages in Flash, I got the idea that I was supposed to use send() to send my data to somewhere to process the information (in my case, a .php file). My .php file in turn processes the data.

    But, here's where my problems started:

    For some reason, send() was not working when I tested my .php file in a browser, so I reverted to using getURL(), which seemed to work in some test runs. However, the test runs only worked when I used the HTTP GET protocol. It never worked when I tried using POST. As you know, making a high score table using the GET protocol isn't very smart.

    I somehow got the POST protocol to work, even though I was sure the solution was exactly what I tried in the first place. (this may be because of my browser's cache, I'm not sure).

    In the end, this is what I did:
    • Output the tags that I wanted to an XML file with the hopes of organizing it the way I want later on (which would be easy for me)
    • Could not use send() for some reason, and decided to use getURL()

    ...and as you can see, I was probably doing all the wrong things trying to do this. Basically, I feel that the way I did it was probably extremely sloppy. Can anybody help point me in the proper direction as to what to do? I feel like doing this all from scratch again.

    I am willing to post parts of my code if anybody's willing to help tell me what I did wrong here and there.
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