Hi and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here....

I have a 'main swf' . Loading into this 'main swf' is another 'smaller swf'.

The problem I have is this....

when I click a button on the 'main.swf' it changes a font in my 'smaller swf'.

you can see it happening at http://www.now-creative.com
click on one of the thumbnails to see the text changing,
the text that changes is the headings for the three main sub sections (web design & development, design for print and interactive.)

to explain further the buttons on the 'main.swf' , i.e. the thumbnails as viewed on www.now-creative.com,
use's the root script to tell flash where to navigate to. This I think is affecting the embeded text in the 'smaller swf'. The text is embeded from the 'main.swf'

anyone got any ideas as to a logical way to fix this...would be much appreciated...

thank you