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Thread: body parts

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    body parts

    Are there any tutorials out there to model body parts in swift 3d. For starters: a realistic human head (not the 'Gomer' one).
    I was wondering if this one could be done in swift 3d you see:
    (the top one 'inhaler technique', which I only get to see in Internet Explorer not Firefox).

    But to get me started: can you guide me to a good head modelling tutorial?

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    You could almost use most any 3ds max tutorial box modeling) that uses quads, actually... just have to do twice the work because of the Advanced Modeler uses triangles though.

    btw... per the Flashkit rules, maximum height for a footer is 40 pixels. Yours is 80 pixels. Not allowed.

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    try this one. it looks a little rough but when you subdivide and smooth the mesh it looks ok.
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