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Thread: dynamic 3d site?

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    dynamic 3d site?

    I hope someone can tell me if this is possible.
    We would like to create a 3d environment on a website where the user can login and change the environment to their liking. eg. change the color of the walls, add furniture to a room, etc. they save the changes and the next time they login the environment is the way they saved it. They can then change it again.
    does anyone know what to use to create this type of website? will flash do this? will it be very slow? the website is running on a unix system.

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    Possible, yes. Via ActionScript, you could describe or set up 3D objects or a 3D engine via a deployed *.swf, so the OS of the webserver wouldn't really factor in as long as the MIME type(s) are set up correctly.

    Or, you could use a framework, such as Flex and set up a 3D engine using AS3 for instance. And once you set up a login - Flash/PHP more than likely - then you will pass along variables to the *.swf file and then it'll play in the browser. Saving their options will require quite a bit of database work, but it's possible.

    There's things like Sandy... that are standalone Flash files to show you some things of real-time 3D and Flash.

    And there's a few 3D engines in Flash, nothing too extravagant.

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    I have spent sometime building a 3D real-time VR (6DOF) API for Flash.

    The tools are there for the data base. However rendering your scene maybe beyond Flash.

    The ability for the user to move objects in the scene requires an ability to render objects from different angles. Unless you are looking for a very simplified representation of your 3D object I don't think Flash is a great option.

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