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Thread: Button Rollover Problems

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    Button Rollover Problems

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently designing the navigation structure of a website, and one of the features some rectangle buttons that reveal more options beneath it when the cursor is over it.

    At the moment I have the buttons, and inside I have a Movie Clip in the 'Over' state which contains the other buttons that fade in.

    The problem is that, it works fine when u rollover the mouse on the button but when u try and move the cursor down to the new buttons they all dissapear. Any suggestions?

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    Here is the solution

    Hi Everlongdrummer,

    Yea....here is the solution....

    Its bit difficult to describe that is why I have uploaded a flash file for you. If you face any problem understanding it....let me know I will explain.

    Hope this Helps....it is in MX.

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    Thankyou so much Kallol, much appreciated!

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