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Thread: Capturing screen -- DVD

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    Capturing screen -- DVD

    Not sure if you can help - here goes.

    I have a DVD of a company pro-mo film. I want to take screen shots of it to use. So I play the DVD and using a PC do a screen capture. I import the screen capture into Photoshop or paint. The image has weird properties. If I grab the header of the open image to move it in my editor, the frame moves but the image does not. It is as though I am looking through a window at a fixed image in the background. I can move the window and not to image?

    I tried flattening, saving as BMP, etc...

    Any ideas as to how to create a normal image out of this?

    Much to learn.... Much to learn....

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    Have you tried using the screen capture function in your DVD playback software? I know PowerDVD has this feature. You can also do it with Windows Media Player if you turn the hardware acceleration downl. What are you playing the movies back with?

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