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Thread: [B]Frustrated - Zoom & Pan not centered[/B]

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    [B]Frustrated - Zoom & Pan not centered[/B]

    I've created a zoom and pan .fla with flash 8 from a tutorial. Although it seems to work, it isn't functioning exactly the way I hoped it would. The view window within the pan when played is no longer centered like it is in my movie clip. With that in mind I think it's causing the image it's zooming and panning into to be off center. Could someone please have a look at my fla and let me know what I'm doing wrong. I've rebuilt this several times and get the same results each time! Help!!!! I really need to figure this out and am sure it's something simple that I just am not seeing.

    I'd really appreciate any help!
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    I swear I posted a response to this already. I guess it didn't save.

    Anyway, I tested it out and it looks like you jsut have a problem with your anchor point for all your movieclips.

    Dive into the deepest level of your maps and start centering everything. Right now the registration mark is set to the top left for all your movieclips. If you dive way in and center, then back out a level and center that, then back out again.. etc etc, until you are back to your root, then you should be fine.

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