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Thread: [Game] Ten Pin Alley

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    Senior Member creekmonkey's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    [Game] Ten Pin Alley

    A first game by a total novice at flash. As I am truely a newbie it took me 3 months to do this game. The game was not created with flash or flash mx but with an inexpensive program called 3DFA wich is greatly limited compared to flash mx.


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    You chose a difficult game to be your first. It wasn't bad. Kept me entertained for a while.

    The collision detection on the pins could use a little work. It seemed (and I could be wrong) that there were predetermined, set "paths" that a pin could travel once hit, and that their movement angle wasn't based off of the angle it was struck from.

    I liked the spin control that you could set before you threw the ball, althought I might have picked something other than the moving arrow to choose the direction.

    Throw in some background music and pin hit sound effects and it'll be a great game.

    Not bad for your first game.

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    Sep 2006
    Kingston [ON]
    Not bad pretty fun.

    Only suggestion I could give is if you curved your arrow when moving the slider so you dont have the think which way to throw the ball. Your arrow will indicate the way the spin will move the ball.
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    Jul 2006
    Thanks for your suggestions guys. And the direction the pin travel when hit is not predetermined, but does depend on wher the ball is in releation to the pins. Physics are way over my head, and the actionscript used in 3DFA is way lacking to that of macromedia flash, so the physics of the pin direction was trial and error.

    script used in 3dfa was to get distance between ball and pins, the angel the ball hits the pins, then move the pin in the direction of the angel. Altho the y velocity was predetermined, the x velocity depended on where the ball hit the pin. Altho accuracy is not 100%

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    PlayerForever adi4x's Avatar
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    Bug:red slide bar has code only for release ... you have to place the same code for release outside because i have lost the draging slider

    Maybe to make it funnier. Sound.. Some characters jumping arround... cheers

    good game
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    Good game
    The physics seemed pretty good
    It needs sound, the ball rolling..., and smash! hitting the pins.
    oh I would speed up the pin sweeper/setting machine a little.
    Their should be some free sounds out there that sound like a bowling ally

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