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Thread: [WIP] Atomic Rain

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    [WIP] Atomic Rain

    Game link:

    It has been a while since I have developed a flash game to completion. I feel like Atomic Rain is pretty close but I don't feel excited to play again and again and I don't think visitors do either so I have decided it needs something more and therefore I am soliciting suggestions.

    I was thinking adding a boss to beat up on every 5th level or a bonus round or something.

    The sky is the limit so please feel free to post your suggestions even if they might seem a bit crazy or too simple or obvious.

    Also I will be adding a high score system, but that isn't in place yet.

    Thank you,


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    Style Through Simplicity alillm's Avatar
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    Its pretty nice, but yea, it needs some variety. How about different coloured atomic things that bounce off your paddle a certain number of times before being about to be collected. e.g a red one which turns orange after the first bounce, then green after the second and then can finally be collected. This would mean the player has to 'juggle' the particles.

    Perhaps some powerups? Slow motion, large paddle, bonus points etc

    Just needs things to keep the game play interesting, the game is already fun, but just lacks depth.


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    kinda boring, i got to level 10 or something like that and just stopped playing, the difficulty wasn't going up fast enough. And i didn't really feel like i was achieving anything
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    i loved the game. nice graphics/concept/sounds.
    you should really consider of adding an option to turn the sound off.
    also "level up in" is wierd it counts from 0 to -1 as 1 turn.

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    why is the button "more games" as big as the button "new game" booth when starting the first time and after game over?- also why does it come first (left -> right = western culture)- in the end I accidently clicked on it even if they did not have the intention to that in the first place.

    some ideas:
    - motion blur on the drops
    - different drops (different colors, sizes, speed)
    - special drops that once you catch them they splatter and generate another few to catch
    - more dpeth layer in the background moving (paralax effect)

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    Would be more interesting with more depth (as render said, add a parallax effect. Also make it so that the ball gets bigger as it comes closer to you - but make sure you use actual 3D calculations to make sure you get the perspective right).
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    Nice concept. My suggestions have already been said >.<

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    Wow, great suggestions.
    Another thought I was to add some people running around randomly in the grass and your goal would be to keep them alive. When a nuke gets by you it creates a nuclear fog on the ground and the people die if they are exposed to the fog for too long. This would change the game quite a bit, but do you think that would add more depth?

    I like the ball color suggestion to add a little challenge as well as the power ups.

    I know it is kind of boring that is why I came to Flashkit for suggestions. You felt like it was moving too slow at level 10? The furthest I have gotten is level 14 and that was only a couple times.

    I agree. I will add a sound toggle.

    There is a reason for the more games button being as big as the new game button. If the game is hosted on a different site I want the player to take a look at skooby.com even if it is accidental. However, I will have a value add as soon as I get the high score system in place at which point I will hopefully be able to get people to click the "More games" button without tricking them. That would be much nicer.

    I like your special drops idea of certain balls bouncing out and creating new bombs to catch.

    Vengeance MX:
    Currently the sky scrolls as well as the mountains. Are you thinking there should be another scrolling layer in between? I like the growing ball idea. I think that could give it a more fluid arcade look.


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    I like the idea, but I found your GUI sometimes would hide the drop that was happening. It was very easy to lose sight of the ball until it fell below the GUI.

    Nice game though.
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    Definitely agree w/ mr_malee: expect I didn't quit when I got to level 10 and it got much better. I suggest you remove levels 1-5.

    Oh and add a hi-score

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    Yeah the balls can launch beyond the height of the screen and that is annoying. To overcome that I could either scale the gameplay area in and out to make it so the nukes always stay below the top display or, I could change the depth of the top display so the cloud doesn't hide behind the GUI and add an arrow for nukes that go above the screen.

    I agree that the beginning levels are a little too easy and a skilled gamer has to fight through the boredom to get to the challenging levels. What do you think about having a novice mode and a contest mode. The contest mode would get challenging a lot faster and would allow for highscores. The novice mode would be for people to figure out the controls in an easier environment?

    Thanks again for the suggestions. Keep them coming! I am going to work on the game over the weekend and I will post an update next week. Hopefully everyone will be able to come back and see their suggestions in action.

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