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Thread: Help with 3D camera motion

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    Help with 3D camera motion


    I'm building a primative pseudo-3D engine and it's almost working. It can handle movement along any axis and rotation around the z axis. My problem is that something is throwing the calculations off if the camera movement includes rotation. My code is below and I have attached a swf (Click to activate the camera motion) The camera should end up centered on the large target, but misses it and I can't work out why.

    Really need some help on this. Thanks.

    private function manageMove():Void{
    		for(var i:String in item_ob){
    			var myOb:MovieClip = item_ob[i];
    			//Modify coordinates
    			myOb.x += velX;
    			myOb.y += velY;
    			myOb.z += velZ;
    			//Modify Zaxis rotation
    			var cosZ:Number = Math.cos(velR);
    			var sinZ:Number = Math.sin(velR);
    			var x1:Number = myOb.x * cosZ - myOb.y * sinZ;
    			var y1:Number = myOb.y * cosZ + myOb.x * sinZ;
    			myOb.x = x1;
    			myOb.y = y1;
    			//Check legal and wrap
    			myOb._visible = (myOb.z <= -FL) ? false : true;
    				if(myOb.z <= -FL){
    					myOb.z += maxZ;
    				}else if(myOb.z > maxZ - FL){
    					myOb.z -= maxZ;
    			//Scale Alpha and Depths
    			var scale:Number = FL / (FL + myOb.z);
    			myOb._xscale = myOb._yscale = scale * 100;
    			myOb._alpha = scale * 70 + 30;
    			//Move Object
    			myOb._x = myOb.x * scale;
    			myOb._y = myOb.y * scale;
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